Red noses all round

Next Friday, here in the UK, its Comic Reliefs Red Nose day; a day of fund raising for extremely worthy causes in the UK and abroad, with an emphasis on lighthearted fundraising methods and the use of lighter entertainment for the greater good (and its not very often you get to say that)

This post – well, this post is to highlight two things, really. One is that theyve released their usual fundraising single, which is the target of my video deconstruction column on Guardian Unlimited Music this week. I know its all in a good cause, and thus realise I should feel bad for being spectacularly mean about it, but weirdly, I dont. Because it really is shit.

The other reason I dont feel bad, of course, is that this year Im going to be doing my bit to support and raise money for Comic Relief – and you can too

How? I hear you ask.

Well, Im about to tell you, dont be impatient.

Mike over at Troubled Diva has come up with an idea that I happen to think is quite, quite splendid. And also spectacularly – possibly suicidally – ambitious, but quite, quite splendid for all that.

But what IS the splendid idea?

Yes Im GETTING to it, hang on, have you never heard of dramatic tension?

Oh, youve all buggered off to Mikes.

Impatient bastards.

Well, for anyone who is still here, the idea is this:

Mikes going to put a book together in a week.

Theres an open call for submissions on his site for people who would like to contribute a funny (funny, mind you) post from their blog to a paperback collection of humorous tales from the (oh god, Im going to say it, Im going to say it) blogosphere.

Hes going to take the submissions, lay them out, submit them to Lulu (the self-publishing site thing) and by next Friday, piff-paff-poff, the book will be available for order at a good price-which-is-yet-to-be-decided.

And ALL profits will go to charity. No one will be making money out of this apart from Comic Relief (and Lulu, obviously, who are the cheapest we can find but still expensive – so if you have the means of printing several hundred paperbacks by next Friday for cheaper, can you let one of us know?), although having said that, itll be a great way of collecting together some of your favourite voices from all over the internet and putting them in print in one handy tome. So who NEEDS to make any money out of it? The happy glow and happier customer base will be payment enough.

How can you get involved?

Well, if youd like to submit something for possible inclusion, get over to Troubled-Diva and his Comic Relief Shaggy Blog Stories Project, and find out how. Ive already decided on and sent him my entry – now its your turn.

If youd like to help by publicising the project, get over to Troubled-Diva and his Comic Relief Shaggy Blog Stories Project post and link to that post – not this one here, obv, because Im being vague, and he really isnt.

If the way youd like to help is by buying a copy of the fabulous book, then come back here or visit any number of your favourite blogs next Friday to find out how you can do that.

[Oh, and as mentioned above, if you happen to have a high quality book printing facility in your pocket with capacity to print a limited run by next Friday, dont be a stranger]

Its a great idea, isnt it? I think its a bloody brilliant idea.

Huzzah for Mike. Huzzah for comedy blog posts. Huzzah for Comic Relief.

Boo for their official Comic Relief single, which is arse.