Casablanca Airport thoughts: 3

[From scribbled Moleskine notes made in the 5 hour wait early on Monday morning. Id been up since three.]

I have finally thought of three last songs I would like to hear if I was never ever going to hear music again as per that silly meme thing I completely failed to do a couple of weeks ago:

– One With The Birds by Bonnie Prince Billy

– Alices Restaurant Massacree by Arlo Guthrie

– Tramp by Otis Redding.

Hm. Decidedly non-definitive. Should be something pop in there? Hm. Have changed mind again, I think. Shit! Best Days by Blur. One For The Road by Stacy Kent.On an Evening in Roma by Dean Martin. Sally Cinnamon by The Stone Roses. Something DJ Shadowish. Oh bollocks.