Thoughts I have had in the last 24 hours

– Wondering if moving things from audio casette to MP3/CD is really going to be worth the faff of doing it.

(Current plan for this: Walkman playing through minijack to minijack into an audio editing prgram, either Audio Hijack or more likely Audacity, rather, then export as mp3. If anyone has any quicker/better quality ideas, would very much love to hear them)

(Hey! I bet thats more technical then youve ever heard me sound before, isnt it? See? I DO have a proper job)

– Wanting to ask everyone to please shoot me if I blithely mention Im moving house anytime soon and oh-ho-ho what jolly fun etc.





– Thinking about what it possibly IS that escapes people on the London to Brighton train about the concept of losing mobile reception in tunnels. To hear them shouting Hello? HELLO? over and over again, with every tunnel we pass through is one of the things that drives me out of my tiny little mind.

Come ON, people, youve had a mobile for several years, now. It doesnt work in tunnels. It just doesnt. It doesnt work in tunnels. Sorry. It doesnt.

– Blog politics are things to be avoided. They are silly.

– While extremely hungover on Wednesday we travelled on the tublar underground train of London. There was a wonderful man, and Ive been trying to think of a way to describe him since, and I cant. I will keep on thinking.

– Feeling like my brain is completely empty of any bloggy goodness. Boooo. Hoping that will stop soon when it stops being so full of dust.

– I really should type up a few extracts from teenage diaries perhaps. I havent read them recently, but My Beloved was while packing, I think, and was laughing like a drain. Oh yes, at me, I think. Most certainly AT me. Steps should be taken to share this with this masses. Or if not masses, then possibly you lot.

– The new house will be better. The new house will be better. The new house will be better.

– Recycled toilet paper is just Not As Soft as the evil kind. This is a moral (and, I suppose, somewhat physical) issue.

– Oh, I am tired.

– Oh, wasnt there some email I was supposed to be replying to?

– Oh, whats this? Spam? Oh no. Oh.

– Oh, bother. Oh, bother it all.