Meme it up, biatch

I know I say this every time I do a meme, but I dont really do memes very often. I am not a very memey type of person, and dont really do many memes. Having said that, here is a meme.

I have been tagged with a meme, and because I have a brain like ricotta cheese at the moment and cant think of a good reason not to, here we are.

Fatman, of Nuclearfamily passes on the question

What are the last three pieces of music you would listen to if you could never ever listen to music again?

Or to give a fuller version of the question:

I have a question for you.

If you had to pick three songs to listen to before never being able to listen to music ever again. Please note – you’re not dying or going deaf or anything like that.. you can just never listen to music ever again.

3 songs.

What would you pick?

Which is, I think youll agree, a question as potentially disturbing as it is difficult. Why cant I listen to music again? Who says? Why? So Im not going deaf or dying? Well, what is it, then? Why cant I listen to music ever again? I dont get it.

Are you asking how I would feel if I was living in a totalitarian regime? Are you asking my opinions on facism? Through a meme about three piece of music or something? Really? Gosh, well

I mean, even putting that aside for a moment I cant think of three songs. I cant even start to think of the criteria.

Should they be meaningful pieces of music? Is that the point of the question? Well, there are lots of different pieces of music that mean different things. I dont know where to start.

Im writing this on the train, for example, plugged, as ever, into my iPod on full shuffle mode, and through the pobsy little earbuds, a certain piece of music has just started playing. Its from a copy of the CD of ceilidh music we used for teaching dances in Iona Village Hall every monday what is it? Five years ago, I suppose. So while physically Im sitting on a dirty little train chugging through cloud-covered Gatwick Airport on my way to another day in the office, in my head, Im in a brightly lit village hall in a swirly skirt, standing at the front of a room with B, or with my loud American friend, demonstrating the steps to the Pride of Erin waltz – this particular track and, coincidentally, my favourite dance. So I stop typing, and stare out of the window, and do the Pride of Erin waltz in my head, talking myself through it just as I would if we were there, demonstarting. Swing, swing, one two three turn, swing, swing, one two three turn

That wouldnt be one of the three last songs I ever wanted to hear, though.

Its just a very bland piece of twee ceilidh-band trash, really, its dreadful. And there will be another piece of music along in a second that will remind me of something else. It was just an example.

I used to live with someone who had a CD single by Everything But The Girl. It was still quite early in the days of CD singles, really, so people were still a bit carried away with what they could squeeze onto one. On this one, there was the song, and then SIX remixes of the SAME SONG, not many of which differed substantially from the original. She was quite into this song at the time, so listened to the single a lot. For some reason, though, she had a habit of putting it on in her room, which was next to mine, really quite loudly, and then wandering off to another part of the house to do something, leaving the CD to rattle through the all 7 versions of the same song. Then shed come back, and start doing something else in her room, and put it on again. And then shed wander off, so she didnt listen to the full-catalogue-of-one-song, but I did. This would happen repeatedly. I never, ever wanted to hear that song again.

So maybe that should be one of my songs? Perhaps that would make Never hearing music again a really good thing, and thus everything would be all right. Maybe?

And theres another thing: I can never hear music again, but can I sing?

I mean, I can remember thousands upon thousands of songs, we all can – from carols to commercial jingles, and all my favourite songs and pieces of music I can sing word for word or note for note.

So theres this weird external force saying that I can never listen to music, but can I make music?


I cant think of anything. I really, really cant.


I dont know the right answer to the question. Um. I like lots of music?

Oh bother, this is why I dont do memes. I dont do memes because the questions are hard, and they dont make any sense, and I cant answer them, and its a very, very good reason for not doing memes.

And yet here I am, doing a stupid meme.

Well, I tell you what, its only a meme if you link other people and tell them to do it.

So that means that if I DONT link to other people and ask them to answer an unanswerable question, then

Update: Le sigh.