Things I have so far found while packing and not, for some reason, thrown away


  1. About 34 wooden elephants of varying sizes.
  2. 290 IKEA tealights, unused.
  3. Around 19 home-made (anna-made) candles, some half burned, some never.
  4. Several tape covers from tapes my dad used to play in the car. No tapes, though.
  5. A dismembered ear from a cuddly bunny rabbit.
  6. A lego car.
  7. A lego motorbike.
  8. No Lego people.
  9. 6 old mobile phones (not mine).
  10. Detritus
  11. A broken cup.
  12. An ornament so ugly I took a picture of it but wont now put up because I look so damn tired in the photo.
  13. An awful lot of necklaces. Blimey. I have to find some clever way of storing necklaces. Some way that doesnt end up with me looking like Mr T.
  14. A foil wine bottle top from almost 9 years ago.
  15. A broken toy.
  16. Another broken toy.
  17. Two matching juggling balls.
  18. A dozen small ornaments depicting small red sea-going vessels.
  19. Two bowlfuls of tiny pebbles from fifteen different beaches.


And thats only one small box.

Only six more days to go till the move.

Only nine boxes packed so far.

And four more full days of work to commute to all the while.

Hell, Im only just moving up the road a bit: Cant we just form a human chain, one dismembered furry bunny ear at a time?