Happy no-bloon day

Happy Valentines Day etc.

And yes I know, I havent turned up to see you with a card, or flowers, or a bloon, or chocolates, because I think those things are a bit silly, and not terribly logical.

But if I did, I would share them out among all of you.


I would share them out between all of you, even though that would mean that you would only get a little bit of a flower each. And a tiny scrap of card. And maybe one suck of a chocolate before you had to hand it on to someone else. And, well, and no bloon really, because I would probably keep the bloon, because I like bloons, especially if they are helium ones.

Anyway, the point is moot. As you wont get any of any of them at all, because even though Ive popped in to tell you happy thingy-love-day, I havent got anything on me.

But the thought was there. And

Yes alright, I just didnt get you anything. Again.