An empty, empty brain

You know, this promising to write something every day thing has its problems, namely the times when I have an empty, empty brain, and cannot think of a single thing to tell you. Not a single, single thing.

So hm. Well, take this, and my apologies:

On this day two years ago I wrote something reasonably amusing and whimsical on the subject of male to female translation engines.

While on this day five years ago, I appear to have been reading Mills and Boon. Blimey. This time of year its always sex, sex, sex, isnt it?

Seriously, If I can promise you nothing else, I can promise you this:

Both of the posts linked above are a damn sight more worth reading than this one.

Update, two seconds later: Oh titties. I got the date wrong. Well, lets all have a surge of interest in posts whose anniversary was yesterday. Bums.