Unmarried bliss

I know its a little thing – but its something that drove me nuts last year, and is driving me nuts again this year and would probably drive me nuts again next year if we were going to move house again; which I am determined we arent.

Sorry – Im being oblique. Because I know its going to sound stupid, because I know its a silly little thing: it just drives me to distraction.

The letting agents of Brighton are a brisk, expensive and hard-to-get-hold-of bunch. Theyve not gone out of their way to be helpful, yet, for handing you a piece of paper and getting you to sign it, they charge several hundred pounds administration fee. Which is a bit rum, especially as you have to photocopy your own documents (shouldnt that be covered by administration, perhaps?), but whatever.

On all the tenancy agreements in Brighton, it seems, you fill in your name, your birthdate, and then they ask that question, the one that purportedly covers your living arrangements.





And each time I stare at the list for ages, trying to work out what to do, whether to simply tick nothing, or add an extra word.

No, Im not single. Im not going to be living there on my own, Im entering into a large financial agreement with my partner of several years, Im not in the slightest single. Im very much attached. But

Im not married, either.

I have no plans on getting married at the moment, or in the near or relative future, unless someone gives me a damn good reason to. Because were perfectly happy – blissfully so.

And were not in between being single and being married – were a (chosen) other thing, an other thing that should be respected, no? Its not just us. People do this. People do this all the time. We love each other and live together, and could stay that way happily for the rest of our lives. Just like hundreds of thousands of other people.

Is it That Hard, really, is it hard at all, to add co-habiting to the list? In this modern, metrosexual city, is it really that hard?

Because Im not circling anything till they do.

Yes, I know its a little thing.

But jesus it gets my goat.