Supporting tarts

The lovely Miss Tickle has got to raise an awful lot of money in the name of the theatrical arts. I am VERY excited about the way she has chosen to raise the money, and I am generally supportive of new writing/ new theatre etc, so all good.

She is offering sponsorship of individual words. I think this is a very fine idea, and would consider nicking it if I had any need to raise money, which I dont. And this has more of a feelgood factor to it, because you can sponsor the arts – for only a pound!.

I thought carefully, and then bought the word suddenly as it sums up very beautifully the whirlwind of my last five days that are very exciting and a bit overwhelming and quite scary.

I am happy to own the word suddenly, in some small way. Because everything feels a bit suddenly right now.

Though Im all over excited so I might see if I can find a few other words to make a more decriptive sentence.

(Update: Me and that damn subconscious craving for order of mine. I did make a sentence. Not telling you what it is, though)