Photo Phursday 1: The things that matter


My brother: I am a brave explorer, Captain Audley-Browning – based loosely on the real-life profiles of other great explorers I have read widely on the subject of – and I have both discovered and conquered this land on which we proudly stand. Having conquered it, I shall be its fearless but magnanimous leader, and also probably dig a hole to Australia by teatime.

My sister: Look! I have been assiduously collecting all morning, and I have found a whole bucketworth of shells! Think of the things I could do! This afternoon I will take them home and we will wash them under the hose tap in the garden and then, oooh – a creative project of some kind! I could stick them together and make shell people, or make a picture, or a mosaic, or a castle, or a

Me: fuk off i got biskit.

Further to my post the other day, I wanted to stick this up in the first of what Im thinking might be a series of Phursday Photos. Ive told all my stories. Now its time for the pictures.

Its a fabulous picture of me and my very lovely siblings on the beach at Port Erin, Isle of man, – where we spent most of our childhood holidays – which my lovely seeeester scanned and sent me last time she was at our mothers house. I dont remember ever seeing it before (though to be fair I dont remember much), but now it is one of my favourites.


I have never been much interested in having my picture taken.

Alternative captions welcome.