Some things

– As is becoming usual, for those that could giveadamn, and even those that couldnt, the next in my weekly series of Music Video deconstructions can be found here, the rest can be found here. This week, popular beat combo Bloc Party, and their new song Whatever Their New Song Was, with added references to Grange Hill twenty years ago, guaranteed to lose a whole generation of readers.

Post of the week, formerly a feature on the fabulous Troubled Diva, its now a big official project of its own, a weekly popularity contest to be won and lost, and won and lost and lost and all of that, and a wonderful place to find new things to read, new writers, new sites, new blogs, new talent and all of those lovely new things. You can find out more and how to link to it etc here. You can also find it in my links, which need sorting out and adding to. Something else for the weekend, then

– There was something dreadfully important. It was something about the new Steve Irwin dol (picture can be found here, on the fabulously named blog Seriously? OMG! WTF!) that I was reading about in the paper this morning, and how the curiously formed plastic makes it looks as if Steve condoned the wearing of a Khaki jockstrap outside your khaki keks.

– No, Im sure there was something else as well. Itll come to me later.