The things that matter

1. Biscuits.
Biscuits, I have always thought, are one of the cornerstones of British society. Above politeness, above loyalty, above friendship, common decency, above parliament and the rule of law, it is biscuits that keep this society together, through and through.

Remove the biscuits from any situation, and chaos ensues. Just look at Big Brother. Look at the first world war. Look at all the things wrong that you can think of. Do you see any biscuits in there?

No, there were no biscuits.

This has been a bad week, as I think Ive said over and over again, a big old disappointing week in many ways that have nothing to do with blogging and that, consequently, I havent really been able to talk about. But thank you for your comments and things, which have as always been lovely and have made things better.

Today I have mainly elevated my hurty foot on cushions, sorted through piles of words for some secret project (later. I tell you later.), talked to good friends who eased my mind immensely, blogged some silly reality show (for work) and I made biscuits.

Everything is looking up again. And there are biscuits.

Biscuits, ladies and gentlemen. Let there be biscuits.

And lo, there ARE biscuits.

I rest my case.
Whatever my case was.
I think it was a case of biscuits.