Plugging away

Its Bloggie season once again. Hurrah congratulations,
to all the gorgeous lovely people blessed with nominations.
What joy! What skill! the pure finesse of each pristine creation
that make the heavenly shortlist-host a dazzling congregation.

The fact that friends are in amongst the firmament makes brighter
The ready glowing bundle of the fittest of the fighters;
So go and vote for Mr Dre, One-Track, Jack who all, as writers
make all my insides gooey and my head feel fluff and lighter.

Most of all, I have to say, go vote much times for this man
Hes dear to me, and very nice, and writes like very few can.
Its been a year of ups and downs – his life as omniped began
but not a pity vote for him. Nono, for writing – with élan.
Its also widely rumoured that he makes a cracking flan.
And should win lovely prizes now if all does go to plan.
And if Id had my leg chopped off Id like to think a fan
would write a poem telling people that – no also-ran –
That I deserved to win the prize! And that I liked Boursin.

I dont really know if he likes Boursin.
[UPDATE: Apparently he does].


Talking to a lovely European blogger (and coincidentally – though not officially – one of the best of them) last night, she told me that whatever I wrote today it had to be in rhyme, because she (weirdly, and quite probably alone) likes My Appalling Poetry. Annoyingly, the topic turned out to have to be this one. Which is a wonderful and exciting topic and hurrah hurrah, but it is a complete bitch to rhyme.

So there. And! Though they wouldnt scan, it is worth noting that Peter Nakedblog and Zoe of MyBoyfriendEtc have also been nominated! So well done them etc, yay!

In my heart, of course, Ive already given the prizes away, but now the voting starts for the real winners, rather than the rather rubbish make-believe ones in my heart (sorry, JonnyB, you did give a great, terribly funny make-believe acceptance speech, though you didnt thank as many people as much as my much beloved make-believe lifetime etc winner – but shes been around longer, so that made sense, make-believedly).

So go and vote for all the people mentioned above who are lovely and special and wonderful and on the Bloggies shortlist, because they are much loved, and deserve great things, and are all brilliant.

Important Side Note written under instruction: Although One-Track is linked in the post above – dont vote for her (she says)! She won last year and has instructed me not to encourage any voting for her this year.

Well, job done, as I have already told you to vote for An Unreliable Witness man, and you cant do both (although you are allowed to vote for A Beautiful Revolution if you really like.) In fact, you are allowed to vote for anyone you want to, if you like – who am I to tell you what to do?