One of those

Just one of those days where you wonder what you did to fate first thing in the morning to piss it off.

Because Im so good, usually. I walk up the stairs rather than take the ramp in case someone with a pram or wheelchair or one leg needs it. I help people with their bags onto the train, stop so that people can walk in front of me at the ticket barrier, manage not to shout at stupid people in the line for – well, anything.

And I did all those today!

Oh what did I DO?!

Today hated me even before I woke up.

I remember congratulating myself because I found I had a pocketful of hairclips to pin my fringe up at the gym. When I got the gym I felt in my pocket, and there were none there.

Maybe THAT was where I went wrong! The self-congratulatory hairpin moment.

Tonight I found them all on the bathroom mat. They hate me.

Damnit, I *knew* I shouldnt ever go to the toilet when the fates seemed on my side. Because of um jinxing reasons.

Sorry, did I mention I had the worlds shittest day and I went and got drunk because of it?

Still though, Im still trying to work out what I did, karmically, to deservethis day, a day that robbed me, sweated my hair, kicked me in the stomach, patronised me while I was kicked and then laughed at me while I was patronised. And then kicked me again. There was shit news, and rejection, and anger and fighting and oh Ive left it behind, its gone now. But Whythefuck?

I dont know, perhaps I watch too much Earl, and thats why I believe that everything is too closely interrelated. Or perhaps I believe that everything is to closely interrelated and thats why I watch too much Earl.

Oh god who cares. It was my shittest day. And My Beloveds shittest day. It was a shit day. Im sorry, I havent anything funny or whimsical to feed the boat today. Today I just feel like beaching. So we went immediately for Stradas shittest pizza, their shittest cheesecake and Italys shittest wine (Strada sell it, which is lucky).

And I could write all night, because Im whiney, and its my blog and blah blah blah blah blah.

But you know what?

The days over.

Im drunk and pissed off, which was always going to be the problem with this posting every day thing, and

And tomorrow will be betterer, and the weekend will be productive and good, and make things bode well. And the future is just, you know, there at the moment.

But once I shape it once more, Im sure it will be fine. As long as Im kind to karma/fate/thegeneraleverything. Thegeneraleverything will be good to. falls asleep


Update: The Next Morning


Fate seems to have given me a headache.

And no bloggie nomination.

I must have done something REALLY bad this time.

Update update:

And now I cant find any fucking tights!