I just feel awful

Theres been this comment sitting in my moderation queue for a month now. I keep ignoring it, but I cant seem to delete it.

Part of me wants to reply to it, part of me loves it and wants to put it on site. But Im not adding it to the original post.

Im not making any sense, I know.

Ok. Google juice often leads people here to carry on talking long after you lovelies have lost interest. There is, for example, still a healthy argument raging about the merits of Thomas Kinkade over here, while (being the no.1 google hit for ladybird infestation) people drop in and tell me about their ladybug woes once every few days here.

But sometimes people ask me for advice that I cannot give. Sometimes because I am not an advice-giving service, sometimes because I dont want to make their situation worse, but usually because I simply dont know.

This is the case in this comment, from an eleven year old girl, asking for help which I still havent worked out how to give. And its now too late. Anyway ( and cleverly disguising that could bring her back on the same google juice that took her to the post in the first place):

i am doing a progect on a job i want to be when older. i want to be a est@te @gent. i am 11 yrs old and would like some suitble info. my email is xxxxx@xxxx.xxxplease send me the info. if ui know anything about being a model oplease send me that to. thank you.now i can finally do my prodject. all people in my class have to do a project so thank u spo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Well, firstly I cant decide which of the spellings of project I prefer, theyre all delicious.

But quite apart from that, I feel terrible because the post on which she was so politely requesting advice is one in which I describe all members of her topmost desired career (edging slightly ahead of m0delling) as twats in suits whose only qualification is the ability to despise humanity. Whoopses.

And the worst thing is, I mainly havent replied to her because that post represents seriously ALL the tips I can give her about the profession of Est@te Agentry.

I mean, Id love to help, but thats all Ive got. Seriously. Theyre money-grabbing professional embellishers with suits and a lack of repect for humankind. She needs something beyond that?

But now every time I log into WordPress Im faced with her words, and its been so long delaying her reply that now they haunt me like those blokes with chains in that Dickens book with the Muppets in.

now i can finally do my prodject

And that was a month ago. Ive failed her. Ive failed the little wannabe est@te @gent/m0del.
Im sorry, my little ambitionist.

Here. My answer. Um.
1) Despise humanity.
2)Buy a suit?

Oh – and you wanted info on the other, m0delling, thing?
Stop eating properly and develop a disdainful air.

Also, coke.