Housekeeping. Sorry.

Couple little things. I was just doing some thinking about the site and whether Im making a bit of a hash of things and could do better and stuff.

This is a pretty boring and self-reflective – possibly self-defeating – little post, so feel free not to read it at all. Or only this far, if it is already too late. It really is just about the minutiae, this, just lots of things about blog Ive been trying to decide whether to do for ages. Sorry, normal people who like reading stuff about things, bear with me (well, me and the people who like thinking about such larks) for a second.

Have they gone? Right, Mike, Gordon, where was I? Ah yes

1: Writing – too little for you? On here? I mean, the size, not the amount I write or how long I make the posts, sadly, thats up to me. I mean the font: its fine for me but does it stop you from reading things? Would you enjoy reading them more if it was bigger?

2: When using the blockquote things, (as seen in such posts as these) do you think it would look nicer with or without the boxes? Yes, its a stupid question, but I really cant decide.

3: If I had the little digger/stagger/delightful buttons at the bottom of all posts on this site (like the much more popular and my dearest darling girl Petite has – along with many other brilliant and deservingly much-read people) would anyone actually USE them here?

4: I was adding posts to my Some Favourite Posts section, rather arbitrarily, it must be said, and thinking there must be a more logical way of doing this. So I just had a random idea that may or may not be the most terrible that ever was. In order to get an idea which posts people actually enjoyed and cataloue them accordingly, I could, in theory, putting a ranking button on each post.
Is this idea?
a) Good and worth trying.
b) Really bad and possibly soul-destroying?

Of COURSE its the latter, but I am worrying about everything, bear with me.

So thats it.
4 questions.
Anyone any thoughts?
About other things – about layouts and buttons and things that you would like in order to make things easier for reading?

Not the content – too late to do anything about the content, Im afraid

Thank you in advance. And in general, as always.