Some things

1. There are around nine classifiable types of hangover. These range from the Type A, a grumbling, low-level woozy angover, through the Type C, a maniacally miserable hangover, full of tears and regret and sick burps, to the dreaded Type X Death Hangover. Of the nine classifiable hangovers, I have had, today, all of them, sometimes sequencially, and sometimes all at once.

2. There are now, it seems, barely four hours of daylight in a day, or thats how it feels. This is not good enough and should be remedied. By someone. Please.

3. Ive got a new skirt.

4. And an empty head.

5. And a twitter addiction.

5. Ive been rubbish and busy and rubbish at blogging (but just in case, here is my latest Video deconstruction thing if you want to read it which you dont have to at all of course)

6. There was something I was going to write here but I have forgotten what.

5. But nothing to do this weekend except upload photos and blog. About which I am truly happy.