Tis the season

You know, I think its possibly because Ive been dropped back into the whole thing, but Im feeling a lot more Christmassy than I have done in a few more years. Well, I say a lot more Christmassy, I mean Im not despising it as much as I have done every other year. Im even considering tinsel.

Usually, the whole thing sneaks up on you until its all-pervasive; the advertising, the programming, the news, the supermarkets the etc etc etc just grows all over you like a creeping sore until youre covered from head to foot and just dont notice it any more.

Still there is one thing thats been confusing me since my arrival home. On the television, McDonalds are advertising their seasonal Christmas menu with an advert playing on the great British Panto tradition. What is on their seasonal Christmas menu? The Big Tasty – a normal burger, it seems, with added bacon, crinkle fries which are normal chips that are celebrating the birth of the christ by being crinkle cut, and the mexican chicken premiere, a chicken burger with nachos in it.

Now, perhaps its because I have not spend enough time in America – it is true, I have not spent much, but I continue to be slightly confused how this relates to anything you might consider to be Christmas food in any way, shape, or form. If youre reading this, Mr McDonald, I would like to register my confusion. I dont get it, Ron, I just dont.

Something I do get, however, is the fact that the Pickard sisters traditional Christmas website is back with a vengence (and some helper elves, obv) so you can go and read generally every day, fascinating festive facts that may only slightly be sometimes a bit made up. If you havent encountered Tis before, weve been doing it for oooh, YEARS, and you can find a full archive here. some of which is really quite funny indeed. Blimey, did we write this? Its really good.

Todays fascinating fact: The birthrate in most western countries rises sharply nine months after Christmas, peaking in August.