promises, promises

You know, the worst thing about going on a beautiful, sunsoaked wonderfully relaxing holiday is how utterly rubbish everything suddenly seems when you get back. The cold, the dark, the wet, the dark, the dark, the sudden rush and complete dearth of any time for anything, for emails, for writing, for phoning for anything in fact except being thrown back into a state of chaos and stress and the realisation that two days after coming back from holiday my shoulders are back up around my ears and I cant remember whether Ive been away at all.

People comment on my tan and ask if Ive been away and I have to have a think. Have I? Oh yes, so I have.
And the people on the train annoy me more than words can say.
Theres also a small matter of jetlag.

So whiney whiney whine, thats why Ive not regalled you with stories of cocktails and brown-water jacuzzis and how to be romantic with a billion bugs in your hair and my freaky dreams and how good Africa smells and snakes I have known and etc etc etc but I will. I will though I promise. That and pictures.

I just wanted to explain, thats all.

However, in a cheeky Oh you can write about it elsewhere but you cant be loyal to the boat, is it? You can find just a little bit about what it might be like to be on safari in this worky thing here, bashed out in jetlagged stupor and the middle of the night. So that is all I have to give you for now. There will be much Exclusive to littleredboat!!! content veh soon.

Sorry for being a bit rubbish.