While I was away

Nothing happened, apparently. I find this hard to believe.

Of course there IS some news.

On my site a bunch of very lovely people indeed went a bit random for a while there, and I think them all very much for it, and wish to buy them all many many many drinks. I did buy them presents, just like I bought everyone presents, but then left them on a bench in Mombasa airport. If anyone who happens to be passing through Mombasa airport would like to keep an eye out for a bag containing several dozen Jambo! Kenya! and I (heart) Cheetah! bumper stickers, I would be very grateful.

And also I wasnt able to point out (because I wasnt here) the my video review column things going up, but they did and my favourite one, the one I think works best, is the P!nk one, so you should read that because I like it.

But no other news.


Well The epic that was Bathmatwatch finally ended, but sadly that didnt seem to have been picked up by SKY news when I tuned in last night, which is weird, because youd think it would have been.

In fact, in over two weeks without a television, the internet or a newspaper (with the exception of CoastalWeek, of which more at some point), I was convinced that we were going to come back and find that something had been destroyed or some government brough down or someone terribly important had died. I came back to discover that the poor Russian man who looked like he was about to die when we were packing our bags did. And, running through all the headline feeders last night, the shock news that US Might not be in control of the situation in Iraq after all. Is that it? Blimey.

There MUST be more news.


I want more news.

I may make some up.

Gosh, it was terrible news about that Malteser avalanche in the Ukraine, wasnt it?

No, thats not real news, it doesnt satisfy at all.

I want other different news. Please.