A Boating Holiday: Mr Angry, Part II

Apparently, there is a rage within Mr Angry. Thats why he called his website I Am Livid. Lets see that inner monster pour forth

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8) What are your five favourite blogs that ARENT littleredboat.co.uk?

Twenty Major – A sweary Irishman with a talent for story telling and drinking Guinness.

Smaller Than Life – An urban documentary blogger with a fetish for bathroom furniture. Bathmatwatch is the Internet phenomenon of the year.

As a Dodo – The obituaries you would really like to see.

The Dilbert Blog – the blog of Scott Adams, the chap who writes Dilbert. He writes very well and very amusingly for a man whose other work is generally just three speech boxes long.

Emerald Bile – Not for the faint-hearted, a very sweary (yes, swearing is big and it is clever) and highly amusing rant based site.

16) Provide explanation for one of the following images:


“Angela Landsbury had never given a urine sample before.”

“Murder She Wrote introduced a binge drinking sub-plot to in a desperate bid to attract a younger audience”

  1. You surely have something you believed in as a child that people later convinced you was fantasy. Yet somewhere within you, you still think it might actually be fact. Wassit?

Until the age of 11 I was convinced that in the olden days (before colour television) everything around us was in black and white. I have seen the films, I have seen these films with my own eyes, and everything was black and white.

Obviously I was told at a later date that this was a limitation of film technology, and actually, everything was in colour like it is today. But how do we know for sure?

It is similar to that ‘tree falling in the woods’ philosophical question (which I have never properly understood so its use a reference her may be completely erroneous).

If there is no-one who actually saw the olden days in colour, then did it really happen?

I have asked around some of my more elderly neighbours, and not one of them remembers the 1800’s. Useless old people. I have not been able to get a single eye witness account, not even from Sally at number 25 who I cautiously estimate to be about 200 years old.

I have seen enough episodes of The Bill to know that without an eye witness account, the evidence can only prove so much.

We have been told that the technology limitations were why we had black and white films, but what about before that? I know there are paintings from the olden days that are in colour, but I’ve seen enough ‘art’ to know that you can’t take what the artists draw as gospel. They make stuff up all the time. Would you trust a man who cut a cow in half and put in a big fish tank? I thought not.

So without a definitive eye-witness account, the evidence for an olden days colour-filled world is circumstantial at best. So I refuse to rule out the possibility that the past was indeed in black and white.

I am sure that when they invent a time machine, this will at the top of the list when it comes to great mysteries that need solving.