A Boating Holiday: Salvadore Vincent, part II

Salvadore Vincent writes for a living, but also at Smaller Than Life, well never know. He has an unhealthy fascination with bathmats.

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Name eight (fictional or non-fictional, alive or dead) people you would never, under any circumstances, invite to a dinner party, and why.

The only person I wouldnt invite would be Hitler, because I wouldnt want to cook a separate vegetarian meal.

I have a single thick, dark hair that occasionally grows underneath my chin. I am a girl. Is this normal?

Yes. For a freak.

What do you collect (physical or non-physical), and how many do you have?

I have two pictures by AM Cassandre. It is not a particularly large collection.

Would you rather be burnt at the stake, or drowned, or hanged?

Than what?

You are arranging a Punching Party to be held at your house. You will be inviting five people that you and your guests can punch at will. Who are they?

No! A punch is never the answer. (Unless it is to the question Complete the name of this well-known puppet show: _____ and Judy) I wouldnt invite any people in particular. I would just ask my other guests why they felt the need to resort to physical violence.

Failing that, I would point out that you can do more damage with a kick, though an invitation to a Kicking Party might attract the sort of person who likes banging tunes, instead of just sucking them when he has a sore throat.

Provide explanation for one of the following images:


Abba reunion this way.

You surely have something you believed in as a child that people later convinced you was fantasy. Yet somewhere within you, you still think it might actually be fact. Wassit?

Probably something quite dull and unoriginal such as there being some kind of point to life.

If grey is the new black, thin is the new fat and vid is the new blog, what the hell do you think youre doing?

Rocking back and forth in the corner.

Im bored of questions, what about you?

I am still hoping that you will ask How often do you have sex? so that I can answer In frequently. Haha. I am funny.

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