And with that

.. She was gone.

You know, we just sat down and worked this out, and combined, my beloved and I have been away about 23 times between us this year.

And never once to the same place, or at the same time, or on holiday. And meanwhile, things have carried on getting busier at the same time – in good ways, but also in bad.

And then the winter came.

I have been about to fall over for some several weeks now.

So excuse my random posting, and I bid you farewell for a couple of weeks, and leave you in some funny hands (funny peoples hands, that is, not funny hands as in really hairy ones or oversized inflatable ones with pointing fingers or anything) and leave you only with this:

Warning: really annoying song alert

And safely assume that itll probabaly be stuck in your head until I get back.

and with that, she was gone.