bisy backson

Too busy. Too much stuff promised to people. No time.


Must pack.

Seem ot be on erroneous night shift instead.

Nothing of note to write about.

Funny misplaced, possibly behind sofa.


In other news, I went to the doctor this morning to try and get some anti-malarials. I say try because apparently doctors dont cover unusual illnesses (or medicines for such).

I waited forty minutes, and then was called in to see the locum. I wanted to ask your advice on anti-malarials.

Oh no, i dont know anything about those. About malaria. No GPs do nowadays. The nurse always does those. You have to see the nurse. You shouldnt have got an appointment with the doctor. Travel advice is all the nurse.

Oh right, because I assumed, you know, what with it being a prescription thing

Nono, I just sign them. The nurse orders the prescription from me, I just sign them. You have to see the nurse. I dont know anything about this thing you want to ask me about. Nothing at all. No GP does, nowadays.

Eventually, crowbarred out of the locum doctors office after Id got the idea that he wasnt going to help me much (but sadly before Id got the chance to ask the obvious question – Sorry, Youre a DOCTOR, are you?) and tried to make an appointment with the nurse.

No appointments with the nurse.

I know its a bit of a big ask, but Im really hoping that if this guy plays locum at my local surgery a lot, he has time to learn something about malaria before I come back with it.

Maybe he can get the nurse to tell him.

[And no, before you all start nagging advising, dont worry, I know Im feckless, but of course I have a back-up plan]

[Heh. They think I have a back-up plan. Heh.]


Other thing: I had chicken flavoured noodles today, and now my urine absolutely reeks of chicken flavoured noodles. I had no idea that chicken flavoured noodles were one of those things. They are.

We should put them on The List.


Another other thing: Yes, I know that a lot of you arent in this country and those that are probably wouldnt be caught dead watching Im a Celebrity, Get Me, but I produced a short piece of guff about it today that I thought was Not Shit, so here you are.

Actually I really quite liked it, if Im honest. Thought it had a few good jokes evenifIdosaysomyself.

A HA! Perhaps Thats where my funny went