Show me the funny

A few months ago, I asked you what you thought of a quandary I had: Some big stupid dental work cost almost exactly the same amount of money as an enormous two week beach holiday, I kind of needed them both in different ways, and what did you think I should do?

Overwhelmingly, my readers came down on the sensible side of getting the dental work done.

Thanks for the advice. Really. Thanks. You guys rock.

And in light of that, I have a new question:

So the thing is, Im going on a huge two-week beach holiday in a couple of weeks, and

No, well, hang on, its not that I didnt listen, its just that I know what I physically actually need right now, and I am getting the dental work done too, but not quite now, and, yes, alright, whatever, lets move on, Im bored.

Anyway, so Im going on holiday in a couple of weeks, and I have a pile of books. Novels, a couple of anthropological type things; large lumps of book that will occupy at least a day and a half.

I was told this time last year that I should read The Time Travellers Wife, and havent yet, so will be buying that and taking that, and also We Need to Talk About Kevin. Thats the title of a book, rather than a statement. Although if you want to talk about Kevin, we can, youll just need to clear up which Kevin.

I want recommendations of funny books, though. I like essayists, I like travel writing, I like concepts and list books and comic novels, I like many things, in fact, but what I need right now are recommendations of funny books, please.

Funny things for reading under palm trees and in safari tents, please?

Recommendations? Anyone?

Apart from the recommendation that I should have had the dental work instead, clearly.

Because youre wrong.