I have a private rule about not going into cheap CD shops. Ever.

Not because I believe them to be intrinsically bad, and evil and/or wrong, but instead because they are dangerous places for me, personally, to be in – so I make sure I never, ever go in them, apart from when I have a very necassary specific purchase to make or it is the day after payday. Unfortunately yesterday was both.

I went in because Id heard a Violent Femmes song on the radio and, not knowing where or when I mislaid my Violent Femmes LP, Cassette or CD, I decided I would go and buy another one.

So off we popped to Fop, our friendly local cut-price CDery.

On arrival, I discovered that they didnt have the album I wanted, but only a remastered, enlarged 3-CD anniversary special!, whihc as well as the plain and simple 10-track album I wanted, featured 32 other tracks of demos and live songs, absolutely none of which I wanted, nor probably would ever listen to.

But I mainly didnt buy it because, at £15, I decided that it was too expensive. The one thing I went there to buy (please take note) was Too Expensive at £15.

So I put it back down, and spent £48 on stuff that it had never before (or since, sadly) crossed my mind to listen to before that moment.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Thats me banned from cheap CDeries for the next few months, then. And bra shops too, actually. And also Boots.

Bad Anna. BAD.