I was jiggly, grumpsome

Nothing cheers me so much as the random and unexpected use of words from down the back of the English-language-sofa first thing on a Monday morning.

I sat down at my desk, turned on my computer, logged on to my unsurprising homepage and was greeted by a story rolling across the breaking news ticker with the headline

I was uppity, bumptious – Blunkett

Never mind what the rest of the story was, it wasnt that thrilling but it was quite the most English, cute little headline I could ever hope to read at that dreadful hour of the day. Also, I think that Uppity Bumptious might be a small village in Norfolk. I could be wrong.

I started thinking about my train ride. I was jiggly, grumpsome – Pickard. I was skittish, narky – Anna, this morning.

Then later, during a completely unrelated search for an amusing word for underwear, I happened upon this fitting wikipedia article on inherently funny words. It contains such magnificently po-faced sentences as

An old Internet phenomenon involved taking lines from the Star Wars movies and replacing one word from the line with the word pants, with comedic effect. [6] This suggests that pants may be an inherently funny word.

And frankly, since its very utterance in the sentence above had me sniggering for several minutes, I have to admit theyre right.

also on the word duck. Although Im not sure that I agree it works with *every* word beginning with k, as suggested several times in the thing. But of course come words are inherently funny.

And I think – for me anyway, bumptious is one.

As is Norks.

And Flank.

In fact, all day, since that discovery, I have been thinking really quite hard trying to think of words that are, in themselves, funny.

And I cant. Im stuck. Nothing, yet, is overriding the small hamlet of Uppity Bumptious. Or, in fact, the word Noodles.

And yet Pants shall rise above them all.