A message for Pierre

Hello Pierre.

I dont know who you are in the slightest. Just as you didnt know, you couldnt have known, that when you sent me something from my Amazon wishlist thing for no reason, the days I recieved it in were bit lonely, and a bit sad, and moping, but mainly very stressful, and busy, and long days. Or that your present would cheer me up so much.

But it did. So thank you.

I dont know your email address, but I wanted to say how lovely it was of you to do that.

This happens every now and again – and this goes for all the other people who have ever done something ridiculously lovely for someone they dont know at all.

Because sometimes I give in to the rest of the world and start to think, like them, that people are not wonderful. But they are. Theyre lovely.

(And you know, its funny I should say that, because it was a toss up whether to post this or a long and ludicrously sweary rant about how its just not as ok for men to toilet themselves liberally in the street as they seem to think it is. Which wasnt, I have to say, as hippyish or pro-human)

Anyway. Thank you. La CD (you cant tell, but Im pronouncing the letters C and D in a VERY French way)(also I dont know if CD is le or la, but Im guessing its feminine because its got a big hole in the middle) de Swingle Singers cest tres, tres magnifique. Et aussi lovely.

Regards etc