Two things for British people

1) Im sorry, but does ANYONE get, or, more importantly, like that new Virgin trains advert with the oh no, the indigenous peoples of another country entirely are out to steal the notebooks of management types who sit in First Class carriages of Virgin trains that in advertland go Wa-hey-hey-HAY faster than we all know real-life Virgin trains do thing going on? Anyone?

2) Ive been trying for a while to figure out how I feel about David Cameron. Everyone seems to think he very cute and cuddly, and everyone says he will win the next election on the strength of that (and 4,000,000 photo opportunities) alone.

I can kind of see their logic, I suppose, especially with the old not being that keen on Tony Wrinkles Blair anymore thing.

However, the thing that came to me the other day was this:

Leaders are leaders. And at the end of the day, Tony Blair might be a twat, but the Labour party are still behind him, and I still (perhaps forlornly) believe that on the whole, day-to-day local Labour Party MPs will still do wharever they can for the cause of society, trade unions, those in greatest need or whatever.

David Cameron can have as chubby cheeks as he likes, but hes still backed up by a shower of cunts whod do you over as soon as look at you if it meant they and their friends got to pay less taxes and watch dogs maul foxes. 4,000,000 environmentally-friendly photo ops cant change the fact you head up the fucking Tories.

And thats it.

Sorry. Conference season and that.