The wonderful world of free will

Just Some Things I dont like, Particularly, Although Im Perfectly Happy That Other People Do, and Support Their Right to Do So as Vocally and in Whatever Way They Please.

  1. Dogs.
  2. The noise of jangling change.
  3. Conclusion-leaping
  4. Microsoft Excel
  5. Chains of early mornings.
  6. Impoliteness.
  7. Gooseberries
  8. Broken windows.
  9. Supermarket quiche.
  10. Saying no.
  11. Low ceilings.
  12. Anti-social behaviour.
  13. Aeroplane toilet flushes.
  14. Most sci-fi
  15. Off-hand misogyny
  16. My nose.
  17. Hill-walking.
  18. Tents.
  19. House music.
  20. Tom Hanks.
  21. Thongs.
  22. Myself, the majority of the time.
  23. Certain newspapers.
  24. Talking about shoes.
  25. Papercuts.
  26. Non-Bic biros
  27. Love hearts.
  28. A too-much-information tell-all compulsive culture.
  29. Mice.
  30. Cyclists who run red lights.
  31. Leg-heaters on trains.
  32. Tinny headphone runoff.
  33. Running.
  34. Breakfast television.
  35. Idiots.
  36. Flower fairies.
  37. Spam (meat).
  38. Spam (computer).
  39. Spam (word).
  40. Talking on the phone.
  41. Fruit salad.
  42. Never winning the lottery, not even a bit.

And all of these to a greater or lesser extent – which bears of course, no relevence to anything, me being just one person, with one opinion, and not a spokesperson or voice of reason for any particular group at all. Im just me – and pretty unreasonable at that. Sometimes people agree with me on things that I dont like including, of course, myself, and sometimes they disagree. Which is lovely too. Its all lovely. Know why? Free world. Free choice. Just me. Isnt it all nice we can say the same?

Some things I like very much

  1. Mezze. Grilled Halloumi. Iskender.
  2. Cats.
  3. Writing things.
  4. Good television.
  5. Bad television.
  6. The colour red.
  7. The first half hour of my train ride in the morning.
  8. The last half hour of my train ride at night.
  9. Saying yes.
  10. The new Christina Aguilera song, embarrassingly.
  11. Being at the gym.
  12. Peri peri sauce.
  13. Sex.
  14. Pebbly beaches.
  15. Little birds.
  16. Big birds.
  17. The moment of take-off.
  18. Sound editing.
  19. A skinny frappercino with an extra shot and sugar-free hazelnut syrup.
  20. Getting lost in a book.
  21. Saturday morning papers.
  22. Ceilidh Dancing.
  23. Other dancing.
  24. Words.
  25. Palm trees.
  26. Lentil dahl
  27. Roald Dahl.
  28. Bollywood.
  29. Swimming.
  30. People.
  31. WordPress.
  32. Notebooks.
  33. The sea.
  34. Bloody Marys.
  35. Ranting on occasion.
  36. Rubber balls.
  37. Balloons.
  38. Honesty.
  39. Water.
  40. Bloggers.
  41. Vitamins. 5-HTP. Berroca. Caffeine.
  42. Soft singing men with guitars. Nick Drake.
  43. Absolutel honesty.
  44. Life etc.
  45. Platform games on playstation.
  46. Playing the lottery. Living in hope.
  47. Being not very clever. And stubborn.
  48. Drawers.
  49. Roll-ups
  50. Healthy discussion.
  51. Myself, occasionally.
  52. Wide-leg trousers.
  53. Packages from Amazon.
  54. Sunday morning lie-ins.
  55. Lists.
  56. Birkenstocks.
  57. Nice emails from friends.
  58. My entire family.
  59. Eggs benedict.
  60. The view from the above.
  61. Cloud watching.
  62. Not having to talk.
  63. Writing.
  64. Pictures.
  65. Things.

And a bunch of other stuff, and all those things to lesser and greater extents. And the lovely thing is, that though some people like those things too, and some people dont like those things, and some people dont like me for liking those things, its all, just lovely. Its all just fine. You know why? Free world. Free choice. Just me.

Isnt it great?