Page 3 girl

In lieu of any actual content and due to the fact that I cant in good conscience write anything here until Ive cleared the verbal backlog Ive got for actual stuff someone might pay me for or something.

So here is a small Madonna-shapped bone (pointy) that you could also find on page 3 of the G2 section of todays paper.


(Update: oh, and theres a rather grumpy piece on sex-blogging, here, which Im very much looking forward to getting roundly, and personally, abused for, as is the madness of the medium.

Apologies orchidea, Girl, Freddy – it wasnt you I was talking about, of course. It was those other ones. You know, the, um, other ones who arent you. Youre great, and I read you All the time. Obviously.)

Be back in a tick.

Go read the archives.

Yes, I know I always say that, but some people might be new.

Hello, new.