Gone fishing

Gone fishing, in this instance, meaning gone working.

Not actually gone fishing.

Never been fishing, actually.

Been working, though. Been working lots. And going again.

Going. Going. Um.

Go and read the archives. Seriously. Look over there. There are, like 400,000 of them. Nono, down there – big line down the side.

Right. Now click one of those.

No, just any of those, I dont care.

Right. Now go and read the archive you find there. It might be good, it may not. Or, you know, dont. Dont go and read the archive. Go and read another blog. There are 50 million of them, apparently, so theres got to be something out there to read. Use the comments box to advise each other of things worth reading, or just to chat, or, you know, dont.

The world is your oyster. Until Sunday, when you have to come back, because then Ill be home.

Unless I can, somehow weirdly get online. Which I almost certainly cant.

Beginning to think I should have stopped at Gone fishing.

Too late.

To sum up:

– Gone fishing

– Not actually gone fishing

– Gone working

– Read archives

– Seriously, read archives

– Oh dont then, see if I care

– Lost thread

– Still panicking

– Back on Sunday

Big kiss.