Terror level: CRITICAL severe

Panic level: normal medium.

Although Im not, to be fair, panicking about the terror level, so thats a bonus.

I am meanwhile, panicking about:

1) The suitcase currently sitting behind me. Have I packed too many clothes?
2) What if I have packed Not Enough Clothes? Or worse, the wrong clothes altogether? And what about shoes?
3) What the hell do you wear in monsoon season in India, anyway?
4) The 500 words I have still to write. For some reason it makes it worse that those 500 words are spread over 8 different pieces, all of which are nearly finished, but not quite. This is a very Anna thing to do.
5) I think I may have not packed any underwear.
6) I know for sure I havent packed any socks.
7) Im about to go to a country Ive always wanted to, where Ill be visiting 4 cities in 5 days. Im utterly and completely unsure how to approach writing about this, since whistlestop tour in the pouring rain is unlikely to be the holiday of choice for the majority of discerning holiday makers. Or maybe it is. What do I know?
8) I forgot to bring lunch.
9) I have decided not to panic about long-haul explodey planes, but am panicking very heavily about short-hop London buses. Go figure.
10) Whether the huge amounts of vitamins I have thrown into a single bottle for the sake of space will lead to funny looks and cavity searches at any of the five airports Ill be passing through.
11) I think my hairs going to dry with a kink in it.
12) I have no idea who Im going to spend the next 6 days with.
13) I dont want to be too shy to swim alone.
14) I am.
15) Five airports, indeed. My carbon-emission-guilt has gone through the ceiling. Sorry, no, through the ozone layer, to be more literal about things.
16) My beloved may get bored and start going out with someone else.
17) My readers may get bored and start seeing someone else.
18) I hardly get to write anything on my blog anymore. Everytime I sit down to do it, I remember that Ive actually got a billion other things to finish that Im being paid for or will be good for my future career (not that this *isnt* good for my future career ina more general wet way, but a girls got to be realistic, hasnt she?)
19) Snakes on the plane.
20) India? Upset stomach? Feh. I already HAVE an upset stomach. Surely more bug would stand an odds-on chance of neutralising the stomach and making it magically better. Thats what Im holding out for, anyway.
21) Hoorah: I can take hand luggage. Hurroo: I now dont know what hand luggage to take.
22) I dont know what Im doing with my career/life/anything
23) I cant decide what to have for lunch.
24) Ten minutes later: I have now had lunch, and cant decide whether I liked it.
25) Im carrying the book Im reading even though Im not enjoying it very much. This is causing a large and perhaps unnatural level of anxiety. So then I decided to carry another book as well, which has greatly increased the anxiety, if only slightly increased the baggage weight.
26) What if my beloved and everyone I know fells under a train while I am away? It could so easily happen.
27) I didnt hang the washing up.
28) There soemthing Im supposed to be doing, isnt there?
29) Shit. No plug adaptor. Does that count as something I am allowed to buy from duty free or something someone could plausibly kill someone with?
30) Mosquitos.
31) Tigers.
32) Migraine.
33) Heart attack.
34) Not sorting out guest blogging cover for while away.
35) Realising Im enough of a geek to worry about guest blogging cover.
36) Something ethereal and odd that I cannot put my finger on at all. This is what is panicking me the most.
37) Monkeys.

Panic level: normal, no, medium, severe.

Bollocks. Ive managed to make it worse. Well, THAT wasnt meant to happen