Five fun-filled facts

1) I was going to put a quiz up here today. Well not I was going to, but more of a it was a thought I had on the train which I now suspect will never get anywhere because it seems a bit self-indulgent/self-obsessed, but then can you GET more More self obsessed than having a blog for five years? Oh hell maybe I should do it anyway. Like a treasure hunt with archives. That sounds like a lot of work. Am I still in single quotes? Shit, I am type thing.

2) Its sometimes hard to remember that this blog was started by a single, bouncy, ourdoorsish, smoking, candle-making craft-worker with a passion for celidh dancing and helping teach people to sing who went to church (enforced by contract) 10 times a week without strictly believing in God and who lived in the inner hebrides and talked about sheep a lot, and never wore shoes or bought new clothes, and when she visited the mainland every six months or so, was terrified of supermarkets. Because frankly five years doesnt seem quite long enough for who I was then to have turned into who I am now. And I also got an MPhil somewhere in the middle there. Fuck knows how THAT happened.

3) The other thing I was going to do, apart from the archive treasure hunt quiz thing that I may or may not do was to publish a little I feel boaty button here so that people could delve into the archives. Well, the buttons there, but it doesnt work. It just brings you back to the top post. And while this particular post is a little cracker, clearly, its not quite a classic, and kind of loses the appeal after about the 14th read.

4) There is no fact four. You think thats unfair? Alright. I didnt sleep well, Im sick of working all weekend and its raining. Three-for-one fact four.

5) Ive been writing this site for Five. Motherfucking. Years.


Look at all those lovely archives down the side! Or a list of good posts here that dont even scratch the motherfucking SURFACE!

When I started, at the encouragement of my lovely seeester, I didnt know what a blog was, or what one was supposed to do with it.

I have never quite learnt what a blog is, or what one is supposed to do with it, but I like having one, I like writing, and I like comments, and nice links, and I like you, so thank you. Really.

Thank you to everyone who reads these ever-flowing streams of wee, to everyone who leaves comments, to everyone who doesnt, to people that have emailed me, and to people that Ive met through this, and to anyone whos ever had a charitable thought toward me, or even not.

You are all going to heaven, and also have nice hair. Thank you.

Bleurgh. Saying nice things is for wimps.


Ah! My lovely sister has just sugegsted something I can do. Hang on. Will be back with another post in a tick.

Anyone that wants to say happy blurnalversary can do so below, if they so desire, though.

You dear bunch of geeks.