Bunch of fives

In order to mark the fact that Ive been doing this damn blurnal thing for five years almost exactly and STILL have nothing concrete to show for it (Well, I did print it all out a couple of years ago. At that point it weighed 17kg, destroyed one square acre of Brazilian rainforest and is currently sitting in two box files under the bookshelf. Im SO proud), I am going to do a page called BUNCH OF FIVES!!!

BUNCH OF FIVES!!! will just be a collection of five things, but I would like, if possible, for the things to be suggested by you (hello!).

So if you could put suggestions below in the comment box, like, oh god, I dont know, my sister who thought of the idea in the first place suggested Five words that I overuse or Five sites I visit daily. I would suggest Five foods that make me want to actually vomit or Five things I want to do before Im thirty, or something.

Anyway. If theyre things that can be answered quite briefly, all the better. And I will cry STOP, for the LOVE of GOD, STOP! at some point, if I sense my fingers might do the fally off thing if you carry on. Just warning you.

So. Your assistance required, please:

Suggestions for bunches of five things for my BUNCH OF FIVES!!! page please thank you