It is the weekend.

It is the weekend, and I am writing this in my house which, yes, Jinks be praised, has internet. Real internet. MY internet. I mean, Ive only lived here two months, so, you know, whatever. So happy. So internetted.

And what do I choose to do with it?

Well, i know I would have been watching it anyway, but I always surprise myself by doing (and enjoying, although my fingers hurt) things like this. For anyone who goes and glances and finds it too long to bother reading (and it is Really Fucking Long) I will explain: It is a scene-by-scene live-blogging of the last two ever episodes of the West Wing.

Ive always loved Television Without Pity, and while I may never get to play with the big boys, I can dream, cant I?

Damnit, Im knackered but my mind is still going at 400,000mph. Stuff to do, things to finish, much to faff with but in the meantime, hello weekend. Hello seaside.

Hello internet. I missed you.