That first-line meme crap. Again. Sorry.

Yes, I know that forty thousand hundred people have already done this meme. But that doesnt mean I shouldnt, right? And Ive seen it on too many blogs to remember, and now I dont want to link back to *some* of the places Ive seen it on, because I would forget people and everyone would get cross. So I tell you what. If you have a guess, and you have already done this thing, can you add the words Ive done this! and link back to it in your comment? And then we can get ourselves straight.

Ok. So I did the thing. I put my iPod thing on shuffle – it did happen to be on a playlist, but only so I didnt have to transcribe any of my beloveds BOYROCK!(tm), because it would hurt my delicate ears. Or transcribe the first line of any interviews either of us had done, because that would be stupid (who is going to guess: So, tell me a little bit about what you do here??). Or podcasts. Same same.

Anyway. I put my iPod thing on shuffle and wrote down the first lines of the first 25 songs. I think its 25, anyway, I cant see right now, its all in code. But its some number around or above 25. But I wrote down the first lines, ignoring the ones that were instrumentals or not in English or which contained the title of the song. So excluding all those – which I think is rather unfair, by the way, I wrote down the first lines of lots of songs.

What you do!

And now you can guess these, I think. I have tried to help by putting shouted things *before* lyrics, or spoken quotes in mixes in quotation marks.

But you can only have one guess each (One guess. ONE! ONE GUESS!). Although you can guess artist and songname if you like on the same song, even though those are strictly two things.

And you cant use Google, or any other search engine, because that would mean you were cheating like a big cheating cheater.

Im sorry if my taste in music isnt very good.

(Unguessed ones in bold)

1) See I reckon youre about an eight or a nine, maybe even nine and a half in four beers time.
FIT BUT YOU KNOW IT – The Streets.
Guessed by The (lovely) Girl. And first, too.
Ill add the other answers and guessees tomorrow.

2) (oh) When I sing this song yall, Im singin it for my baby. Shes the only one to bring me joy

3) This is the breakfast club!
Yes, alright, Katy, you can have another one. And yes, this is Man Clapper by tha Gorillaz. Or rather, Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya Ya Ya (yeah Yeah!) this is tha Gorillaz. Did you google, poppet? Because it took me four listens to actually work out that was what he said – leaving me unsurprised that no one guessed it till now.

4) When the train rolls by, Im gonna be ready this time
Ready to Run – Dixie Chicks.
Guessed by Nancy.

5) Falling through the floor with the friend I had before: grabbing at straws so the holes dont slow me down
Shes The One – The Beta Band.
Guessed magnificently by David. Seriously. I was so sure no one would get that.

6) Learn to love me, assemble the ways, now, today, tomorrow and always.
The Smiths – Shoplifters Doo Be Doo
Guessed by Annie who also knows lots of others, but refrained from saying them because of the RULES. Although no ones guessed them yet, Annie

7) I never thought that love would ever smile on me, but now I see all the while Lady Luck was saving her brightest smile just for me.
Mr Angry hilariously, guessed the happiest, least grumpy song on the list. My Love Is Your Love (Forever) has been done by Stevie Wonder, as he suggested, but on this occasion it was performed by The Isley Brothers.

8) Who made up all the rules? We follow them like fools. Believe them to be true, dont care to think them through
Them by Jem (which rhymes).
Guessed by Rachie. Who was VERY excited about it. This is a fantastic power-walking song. And contains a sample from one of my favourite Jazz groups. Hm. Maybe I should write a why post to all these songs. No, fuck it. That would be Very dull.

9) Freezin, rests his head on a pillow made of concrete.
The fabulous Katy Newton correctly guessed this to be Even Flow by The Pearl Jam. Isnt it fabulous how you can make yourself sound automatically completely out of touch by adding The to band names. Comedy tip no.1. You can have that one for free.

10) When I was young, younger than before; I never saw the truth hanging from the door
Place To Be by my darling, dalirng Nick Drake. Correctly guessed by Jen.

11) Something is wrong cos my mind is fading, and everywhere I look theres a dead-end waiting.
minifig correctly guessed that this is Beck and his 1994 hit Devils Haircut. I dont know if it was 1994. I just wanted to say something different.

12) Shiny shiny, shiny boots of leather.
EVERYONE got this one, but mainly Mike (who did this meme last week. Nick also got it, but he Broke The Rules and named lots of song he knew. Although well done for knowing lots of songs, Nick. Gordon also got it, but by this point I wasnt talking to him.

13) Anthony walked to his death because he thought hed never feel this way again
Dury who, interestingly, went to school with my beloved, in Suffolk, correctly identified this as If Youre Feeling Sinister by Belle and Sebastian which was amazing, because, though I love them, I never would have guessed this Ever.

14) Some people like a motor bike, some say A tram for me!
Two people got this! Both Eloise and Nick. They both said it was A Transport Of Delight by Flanders and Swann. Hold very tight please! Ding DING!

15) On our way, so it seems, blooming flowers waltz before me
Yay! This was guessed, finally, by Crisiswhatcrisis, well dine you, dearie. Seriously. I forgot who it was myself as soon as I typed it and just couldnt bring it back.

16) Mary Anne and Wanda were the best of friends, all through their high school days;
Both active in the 4H club, both active in the FFA. Whatever the hell THOSE things are. This was correctly guessed to be Earl Had To Die or Goodbye Earl! or whatever its called (The Dixie Chicks), by Jessica. Although Nancy would have got it too if she wasnt so lovely about Not Breaking Rules.

17) I woke up today with a feeling that better things are coming my way. And if the sunshine has a meaning
I honestly didnt think that anyone would guess this; in fact, its probably fair to say that I kind of hoped they wouldnt. But Hazy did, and now I dont feel so ashamed. I am not alone. You are here with me. Oh jesus, Im singing Michael Jackson. Which is debatably even more embarrassing than the fact that this is Keep On Movin by Five. Sorry, 5ive. I blame you, Ali Dixon.

18) Superlove is something that they say is very rare.
Kate guessed this. Macy Gray: Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak. Rah.

19) Hey, little girl, brush your hair, fix your make up, soon he will open the door.
Everyones favourite piece of anti-feminist propaganda, Wives And Lovers, guessed by featherboa. I cant remember who sings the version on my iPod, cant find it now. But dont think it was Andy Williams.

20) Did you see the stylish kids in the riot, we were shovelled up like muck
Ash spotted this was The Libertines with their song Time For Crackheads.

21) Born with the moon in Cancer, choose her a name she will answer to
Joni Mitchell, and Little Green from Blue, which I can listen to over and over and over again. Mm, Joni. My beloved calls her That Shrieking Woman, but then goes and listens to Jeff Buckley, a bigger shrieking woman than whom I cant think of.
Anyway. It was Joni. >Lux got it.

22) Hangin around the downtown by myself and I had so much time to sit and think about myself, and then there she was
Both Fran and Emma M guessed this was Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground, one I considered so hard I was going to include the next line like double cherry pie, yeah there she was; like disco superfly thinking that would help. No need, clearly, my clever bunnies. No need.

23)Time on your side that will never end, the most beautiful thing you can ever spend, but you work in a shirt with your name tag on it
Nick got this one, as well. He may not be good at Reading The Rules – but he is still up wid de kids, apparently.

24) Maureens got five sisters. Theyve all got ass.
Ali – with her hilarious false email adress of, guessed this right. I dont know whether the false email address was to mask genius or big cheating cheater, but she got it right all the same, so I am in awe of her. She got that it was DJ Shadow (from Endtroducing, an album Ive been listening to a lot recently), but unfortunately it wasnt the track name she said. It was untitled on my iPod. So well done. Serious. Even if you do hate us all and are a scary troll or something, well done.
For everyone else, not that you care, you should go and listen to it. Not that track, its 18 seconds long. But the album. The complete quote is Maureens got five sisters. Theyve all got ass. One of them got eyes big as Jolly Ranchers. Beautiful girl. Beautiful girl.

25) Hope everything is all right, hope everything is all right Whats that floating in the water?
Yes, rb, this is Mr Grieves by the Pixes.

26) Now the end is in sight, Im just tired. Lying awake at night, so wired. And Fired. Up
Will said that this is Bittersweet Bundle of Misery by Graham Coxon. And hes right. Well, he would be. He met him once, dont you know

27) If you want it (Oo-ee-ooh) you can have it (Oo-ee-ooh) – But youve got to learn to reach out there and grab it.
Photograph by Weezer. Spotted by fellow Brightonite-blogger, Lauren, because she has it on her Songs about Photographs playlist. No, Ive no idea. No really, not a clue. Dont ask me, ask her. Also spotted by Karen, mere seconds after.

28) Using the Guardian as a shield to cover my thighs against the rain, I do not mind about my hair.
Yes, Urban Chick, it IS the lovely Kings of Convenience, the track is a remix of Failure, from the lovely Versus album, which is pretty much my morning staple at the moment. Yes, I know you didnt ask for that information.

29) (Nanananana-oh! Nananamana oh! Nananamana oh!) Oh! Trying to let it go. Trying to keep my eyes closed
Is the first line of 1 thing by Amerie. Guessed correctly by my ex-boyfriends little sister, a.k.a Ali*D.

30) On a rooftop in Brooklyn at one in the morning, watching the lights flash in Manhattan.
You Said Something by PJ Harvey, guessed by Sarah, among others.

31) Until Sally I was never happy. I needed so much more – Rain clouds oh they used to chase me, down they would pour
Stroppycow guess this correctly: Sally Cinnamon by the Stone Roses

32) This is a public warning, be careful when youre out: were having freaky weather.
Semantic genius PB Curtis named this Top Man by possibly my favourite band of all time, Blur. He didnt say they were my favourite band of all time, mind. That would have been freaky. I said it.

33) (Give it to me baby) Ah-ha! Ah-ha! (Give it to me baby) Ah-ha! Ah-ha!
Ash spotted this. Its The Offspring and their comedy hit Pretty Fly (For A White Guy). Lets never mention this again. Actually, no, David Berger, if youre out there, for some reason I still have this CD I borrowed for the Village Hall disco, do you want it back? (See what I did there?)

34) My baby dont care for shows. My baby dont care for clothes.
Another one that Everybody in the Whole Wide World got. And Hennie.

35) Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill today? Mr Kirk, Dexters in school! Im afraid hes not
Its The Avalanches, and Frontier Psychiatrist, which is a fucking cracking song, from a cracking album. And you should watch the video, too. Almost forgot. It was guessed by Celeste, Clares boyfriend and James Bluecat.

And these are ones that I wasnt allowed because they contained the title of the song, or were not in English, or because they were notin English AND contained the title of the song. Or because they were instrumentals. These are, in fact, a very small representation of instrumentals, songs not-in-English and songs with titles in lyrics. In fact, those seem to make up rather a lot of my collection. Still. Whatever. You can guess them if you like. Some of them are a bit obvious. Some of them, less so.

Discussion point: Does List B count as an actual list, or was it a list-in-cheek list, knowing that anything with a title is rarther easy to guess and youre possibly never going to spot that 3 is The Modern Jazz Quartet? Having said that, do I update it with guesses anyway, seeing as Im really fucking busy this week, and need to be active here but am thoroughly bored of the formatting? Hum. It is a Quandary.

1)Hey! Mr Tambourine man, play a song for me!
JonnyB, king of comedy, guessed this. The boys a fricking genius.

2) William and Davy were born in one hall, they grew side by side as they grew strong and tall
3) Doooooo -deedeedeedee – doooooooowawawawawawawa – weeweewee
4) Como e bella ce la luna brille e strette, Strette como e tutta bella a passeggiare
5) Jik Shik! Bad-um-ba-ba-bad-dum-dum! Jik Chik! Bad-um baaaa! (repeat) Leka Ham Diwana Dil
6) And the glory the glory of the lord, the glory of the lord, the glory of the lord, shall be re-hee-hee-vee etc.
7) Dundun dun duh dandandudullur. Dundun dun duh dandandudullur. La, la la, la la LA la lala.
8) Hes a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land

9) He needs me. He doesnt know it, but he needs me.
Its He Needs Me you say, Hennie?! Why yes it is! And yes it (this version anyway) IS by Nina Simone.

10) Dah – dahdahdah doodoodoodoo.

11) Its not easy, being green.
Ds saying this is Kermit the Frog singing Its Not Easy Being Green. I say its a long shot, but the boy might just have it.

12) La-la la lala lalala laaaa, la-lalala.
13) These flowers are coming up wild.
14) Long legs dont give me no head rush in the morning.
15) Pling pling, pling pling. Diddly doo, diddly doo diddly doo! Pling pling, pling pling. Diddlydoo diddly doo!

Hm. Maybe I should have written down what those were. Oh whatever.

There are still some to guess! YAY!
Blimey, I think this may well be the worlds ugliest post.