Inform me, ye techie gods

Alright, yes, yes, Ill post something proper in a minute when I have enough internet to post (please lets not talk about the FIVE WEEKS NOW Ive been incommuninterneticado, it HURTS).

But listen. I only have enough stolen internet to read comments and (not often enough) reply to them. EXCEPT I have suddenly hit a technical gremlin, full on. I need help.

My comments, since I moved to wordpress, have been emailed to my gmail account as they were posted – this is how I know what people are saying and manage to reply to them. I dont want people to be shouting into a void, and I dont want to be sitting and refreshing my homepage 50,000 times a day like I did in the old days. I like the email alert things! But Theyve Stopped! WHY?

I havent changed anything, done anything, moved anything. Why would this happen? Why would the comment-emaily-thing suddenly disappear? WHY?!

I know there are nice geeks out there, please help me. I am stumped, my beloved is stumped, I need my comment alerts back, please help. Please. What the fuck have I DONE?! WHY? WHY doesnt it WORK? Why does it HATE me? Why do these things ALWAYS happen when Im PMTing? WHY? What the FUCK?! BASTARD stupid comment alert bollocks! BOLLOCKS!

[Apologies if I take a while getting back to your comment, my cunting email-alert thing is broken. Oh, did I mention that?]

UPDATE! It is fixed! Chris is a God! And the rest of you are alright as well.