One of my best friends has this appallingly disconcerting habit of telling people he loves them. I mean, its nice, but, well, you know Odd.

I get very odd, when my friends say they love me. And dont know what to say. Its just not part of my background, not the way things are done, in my mind.

So when my friends say they love me, I always have this jolt, and put on an imaginary twin set and pearls, clatter my imaginary china cup back onto my imaginary china saucer and think Good Garden Seats, thats slightly over-the top, isnt it? I think were all just a little over-excited. Perhaps another cup of tea would help – and scurry away to my imaginary kitchen, wondering what the women of my imaginary WI would say.

Which is stupid. I DO love my friends. I just cannot get over the high wooden slatted fence of my stiff upper lipped English upbringing enough to say so. Or when they say so. Even in a jokey way. And if I try, I sound really weird and forced and silly. I cant say I love you to a freind.


a) Do you tell your friends you love them. Just like that? Not a drunken Ah fuckin LUFFOO, mate, but a simple; I love you, insert-name-here, or such?


b) Does it make a difference if its a platonic friend of the sex that you are usually attracted to (opposite/same/indeterminate etc)?

Important Thursday questions continue below. Please answer those too. Or not. But just in case you have, you know, an opinion or something.