Last question

If someone was looking into buying PC laptop, would anyone have any recommendations.

Two criteria:

1) Must not cost 1 billion pounds (remember, it could be hypothetically this, two weeks in a luxury hotel or dental work)

and yes, stupid I know, but humour me

2) MUST have a screen (and thus overall) size of about 12. Nothing over 13. Nothing. Serious.


Sorry, I probably should have explained a little more:

The only reason I say PC is that, for work, its useful if my beloved can do cross-system and cross-browser testing things (which it sounds like the new macbooks could help with), and for me, I just cant stand using iPhoto anymore. At the moment we have a PC desktop and a 12 Mac Powerbook at home, and share them both, and while I do all blogging and stuff from the powerbook because its so nice and neat (love the size. unfortunately ALL the new oneas are over 12, booooooo), I have to run up and down to the PC to use Picassa as my photo management system, which doesnt have a downloadable version for mac yet.

But hm. I should find out if picassa can be used on the intel macbooks. Because would *so* rather have a mac.

Even though they make your groin hot. But thats nice in winter, no?