Just in case you were wondering why you havent had the best service around here of late, let me give you a little round-up, so you get an idea of why:

– I really like living by the sea. But the first few weeks were hard, harder than I expected, to be honest. For someone who likes to have lot of reference points – knowing where things are, having systems, routines, safety nets and familiar experiences and areas etc – I hadnt realised how I would feel when they were all whipped away at once.

So I was really quite lost, and very tired, and extremely unsure of what I was doing for a bit.

But Im getting better. Slowly.

Were being all explorey. Every weekend is like a holiday. Every day, I step off the train at the end of it and feel as if I couldnt be further from my working day without falling off the edge of the land.

These are good things indeed.

Brighton is good.

[Incidentally, if any of the nice Brightonians ARE reading, you should go and post some things-to-do-and-see-and-eat here. I tried to think of some, but I dont know it well enough yet]

– We still dont have a phone line. And thus, no internet. I can just about (nefariously) pick up enough internet to read comments and emails, but then it drops out. If I havent done something you were expecting me to do – reply to an email, update the links on my sidebar like I keep saying Im going to, upload photos, actually write something of worth, forgive me. That is why. Ive been staying after work to write updates for the blog when I can, but its not always possible, and even when it is, I dont have time for all the other stuff.

– I also dont have television reception yet. That may not seem pertinent, but its another point of extreme annoyance. Oh, and the DVD players about to die. And since blogging while watching TV is one of my main evening wind-down activities, take away the TV, and poop goes the blogging. Oh, and then internet. Take away the internet as well.

Poop, poop.

– Ive been getting spammed a fair bit on comments. Which takes up quite a bit of any time I *do* make for blogginging. I know this is the old excuse, but its true.

– Pieces are sitting, untyped, in my head for so long that theyre becoming as long as Law and Order (yes, I was thinking Crime and Punishment, but theyre probably more about an hour long – with ads – than 803 pages long), or stewed, like bad tea.

Thats it, really. Im also very very very very very very busy.

And thats about it. So you must excuse me. Managing to update the site at all is a minor miracle at the moment, and so I sometimes get frustrated with the appalling quality of what Ive written, and sometimes get frustrated with high-maintenance comments, and sometimes with other things completely other.

Oh, and my house used to be a whorehouse. Not, like in the 1800s or anything.

Last year.

But at least thats funny.

So there we are. Just so you know. Yes, I know its not funny in the main, but its a pretty honest round up of where I am at the moment:

I have no phone, little internet, no TV, no DVD soon, Im too hot, Ive got hayfever and my eyes are itchy, and I cant blog as much as I wish to, or to the level of quality I should and would like to, Im out exploring too much and have joined the gym, which is exciting but I cant even tell you about because I have no internet, I cant reply to your comments, or, sometimes, understand what you need me to say, also, Im hellish busy, my computer keeps falling over, and when people think theyre complaining into a void their emails are shockingly, appallingly rude – worse when you have to read them but its someone elses job to reply. And I live in a brothel. So there.

Anyway. Apart from that, Im fine. How are you?