And on the thursday, she rose again


Im not dead – just in case you were worrying.

Only, thing is, the only internet I can get at home at the moment is *kind of* not mine. And you have to sit in rather a funny position to get it, and even then you feel both physically and ethically uncomfortable and its not really the right space in which to freely spurt creative juices.

But I am blogging. Honest.
You just cant see it. Because its stuck in my flan.
No, not flan. Little metal gadget. Use it for writing on trains. Sounds a bit like flan.

Whatever. As soon as I figure out how to getting the blogging off the flan, I will post it up here.

Hello. Im a commuter now.
Hello commuter etc.

Its very good though.
I can hear seagulls outside while I shower in the morning.
Though everyone in my new city is, without exception, far cooler than me, Im hoping to catch up soon.
Everything will be alright, although at present, my life is full of boxes.

Will post more later, when I work out how to funnel the flan.