The things you find while packing

We are so stressed out I have painted a bear nose on my face to stop us arguing. It is very difficult to maintain an argument with someone who has a bear face. I am about to get shouted at for being on the pooter. Luckily, I will not get shouted at for long, because I have a bear face.

He has a point, though. There is still very much to be doing, rather than blogging. But I have just found out I will not have internet at home for a week. That is my excuse.

Anyway. I found a diary from 1995 – a Pre-Raphelites week-per-spread diary with photos every four pages or so.

No idea what I had about Pre-Raphelite art at the time, I think I saw the beautiful, romantic, wispy looking women, and wanted to be one. Which was a terrible idea. Im just not now, nor ever was, cut out to be one of those pale damsels.

Anyway – clearly at some point in the year I too had realised this, and gone through adding captions to all the pictures. Some are unintelligable now – in-jokes based on whoever I was back then – but some are still a bit funny. For example this picture:

With the text

There. Told you moving house was fun.