Two things:

1) You know how when youve written somehthing and you really like it and its a bit embarrassing because you dont want to say youve written something good but at the same time you dont want to NOT say youve written something good because you think you have?
Well this is one of those times.

2) We have keys!!!
We have keys for a little house by the sea. I rent it now, but wont sleep there till Sunday. In four days time well be renting a life miles and miles away to the life we rent now. Its beautiful, and idyllic, and lovely

.. and involves a five day commute on a pretty pretty train to the lovely lovely london. Well all go to the happy place and then see how that commute shit pans out, shall we?

Its so beautiful! Ive got stairs! Ive got a yard!
Were five minutes from the station and five minutes from the sea!
I think!
Oh Im so scared!

In the meantime, Im very, very happy. And excited. And happy.
This whole letting process has been a complete and utter bollocks. Thus reason for, and sorry for, the not bloggingness.

In the meantime, please go and read that link above in point one. Its the good shit I want to give you, but cant due to the otherthingness

Many kisses etc