See, there are various situations in which, and people to whom, I would like to send this link (via my seeester), but I am so scared that they would hate me for it.

Which is annoying, because at the moment I just silently seethe every time I get one of their emails – is it better to be percieved as rude and end a possible lifetime of seething, or just to seethe and be liked.
Although only liked enough to send group emails rather than the personal one-on-one kind, clearly.

It is a quandary.

An update on why I am being so quiet:
a) I am still trying to finish the Question and Annas session from Friday (erk). If you go and look at it now, you will see this I hope to finish answering last fridays questions by at least 2008.
b) I am moving house, and it is being a bit difficult, thingsIcanttalkaboutwise.
c) Big Brother has started, and though I promise I wont talk about it on this site, I cant promise I wont be watching it. Luckily, there are dedicated places we outcasts of the intellectual fold can run to when you cooler, smarter people sneer at us for being lowbrow. We run to specialist blogs that revel with unbounded joy at being lowbrow and loving it. I like finding these things.