The things I do with my Saturday nights

Can be found – in part- Right here.

I couldnt have done it, I have to say, without the inspiration and help of Slates (and my) official Eurovisioblogger, the wonderful and fabulous Mike, Rachel in North London, who I never would have picked for a Eurovisionist till this week, My seester, who sat on the sofa and supplied me with witty quotes about countries Id missed entirely – and also saved me pizza, and My beloved, who had his usual panic about me stressing, and was lovely, if a bit back-seat blogger about it. Did you know back-seat blogging existed? Well it does.

Anyway. Going to finish the Question and Anna II session tomorrow. Honest. But this was, in a worky kind of way, what I spent my saturday night doing. So there. Now you know.

Anyway. How are you? Viva Lordi.