Blog association

[postponed from yesterday because blogger was porked]

Ok – heres a little diversion. I need some new reading material while my beloved is away, so were going to play a little game.

Im going to name a blog, and then then someone can leave a comment pointing to another blog, and giving one reason why they feel the two are associated. And then someone else can leave another link, saying why its connected to the second one, and so on.

It can be as simple as that theyre both funny, or theyre both the same sex, or theyre both in the same country, or as complicated as you happen to remember that they both blogged about finding toenail clippings on their bagel in September of last year, or that ones married to the other, or that Just something that, when you go and look at the last suggested blog on the list, youre reminded of another one that you like and would like to share. Or I suppose you could just pick a random one on their blogroll, but thats not as fun.

God, Ive made it really complicated. Basically, its like word association, but with blogs.
Were calling it blog associtation.
Get it?

Ok. Ill start (unimaginatively)