Let the boatsome birthday build-up begin

Yes, thats right, kids, its that time of year again. You know, May.

Oh, you need more? Well, twenty-something years ago (its either -eight or -nine) a week on Friday, a child was born in a West London hospital, just as the first tube train rattled past the window.

Twenty-something years later, maybe -seven or -six, the same child decided that much as she wasnt keen on people making a fuss, and wasnt planning to celebrate much in any other way, she still liked Happy Birthdays and presents, and though she should therefore flag up her impening birthdays, with a big, red wordyflag.

So here we are, its the second third first-official Next Annual Unsubtle Birthday Countdown Writing Series Thing Brackets My Amazon Wishlist And Paypal Button Are On The Sidebar Close Brackets.

Yes, Im working on a snapppier name.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the lovely lovely people who have contributed money via my paypal button. I realise that the donate button is considered in many blurcles as the epitome of pike, but I dont care. Thank you. I now have almost enough for the blogging pouffe that goes with my blogging chair. I just have to save up enough for my blogging chair, and the game, as they say, will be on. That wasnt a hint. Well, not much. ->

This year, the theme of my NAUBCWSTBMAWAPBAOTSCB is The Twelve Commandments of Something, as it was on Monday that I suddenly discovered it was May and therefore probably my birthday soon. After extensive research, I was proved right, and my birthday was established as the twelfth of this month, and the theme came to me soon after that. Im just not sure what theyre the Twelve Commandments OF. Not Anna, that sounds too solid and final. Maybe The Bus. Perhaps just Of Stuff.

Yes, that sounds right.

The Twelve Commandments of Stuff: Commandment the FirstRemember thy Birthday, and keep it holy at the forefront of everyones minds just in case of presents etc

Remember NOT to say happy birthday YET, because it is not my birthday till a week next weekend.
Hm. Maybe a blogmeet/birthday party/farewell to London picnic is in order.
Nah, it would never work
I realise Im already a couple of commandments behind, but I have to go and have lots of blood tests done this afternoon, so the Commandmenteering will commence after that.