My Bussies II: Between the thin red line

Or rather, the thin black line that lives between the the other, thicker red lines

I dont remember the day, but it was one woman that kicked off my current obsession. Idly, I was staring, and I realised that, between the perfect application of lipstick, there was a perfect sad face. A very clear line between the lips that had an expression all of its own.

Its funny, because everyone wears this neutral face on the bus, and yet, on the line between their lips, theres often a very clear other expression – one that they cant help having there. And its like the faces that you draw on stickmen, a perfect pencil grin or pout of frown.

And ever since that moment, Ive been absolutely obsessed. I have to tell myself not to stare, or to at least stare obviously – but its addictive. Almost everyones natural mouthitat is a straight line or a sad little rainbow; and every now and again youll happpen upon someone who carries with them the magic black-line-smile.

Sorry, I shouldnt have told you. Now youll want to stare yourselves. I apologise if my wistful curiousity leads to any of you getting smacked in the pencil-line kisser. But do look. Believe me; the line between the lips is the most beautiful part of any commuter. Or the most beautiful part of them you can see on the bus, anyway.