Proof of what I did on my holidays part 1: Marseille

If you are remotely of the mind to, or if you happen to be very bored and have access to a pair of headphones, you can find my audio guide to Marseille here.

You can listen to it on your pooter, or download it onto your iPod/whatever and listen to it on that forever, or until someone nicks the bloody thing. Also you can download a version with pictures, or something.

Um. I hope you like it.

So there you are. You dont have to listen to it, of course, if you dont want to, and if you do want to, you dont haven to listen to it all. Because its very long. But there. I told you I would do a podcast. And I have and I hope its ok.

My beloved says I sound like that bloke off Grand Designs, but female and being realistic but over-excited about travel rather than houses. I think he meant it in a nice way.

Anyway. Um. So thats one of the things Ive been doing recently. So there you are.